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Organic Bulbs


We are bringing you an unparalleled range of organically grown bulbs, selected by British garden designers Lulu Urquhart & Adam Hunt.

All our bulbs are grown without using any chemicals or pesticides, including neonicotinoids. The range is based around bulbs that naturalise, so will come back in your garden year after year naturally.

Some of our Bulbs will flower very early in the year, as early as January, offering a burst of colour and food for insects long before there are leaves on the trees. You can also select later flowering colours that easily slot into landscape schemes, meadows, woods or garden borders and provide a burst of bloom or structural interest.

Organic flower bulbs used wisely, extend your floral growing season and expand the insect pollination windows. They also fill us with great delight, flexing our designer eyes and increasing colour pallets. They are great fun to play with over the years and their flowers provide much enjoyment and nature connection.

Why are organic bulbs better for our bees?

It turns out that bulbs grown with chemicals store the poison in the heart of their bulb and as the sap rises through the stem, with it comes the toxins, so that for every bee and every insect that visits the flower looking for pollen and nectar, they also get a little dose of poison. This is disorientating and incredibly harmful.